About Me

I was born in Bandung, Indonesia. I flew miles away from home when I was 19. Being in a whole new different part of the world was tough… but I managed to pull through. In fact, I met a wonderful man and we got married on 2004. I am now a proud mommy of my smart, adorable little girl – Chloe.

I didn’t have any interest whatsoever in cooking or baking before I met my husband (boyfriend at a time). It might sound funny but I have never seen anyone enjoy food as much as he does and lucky for me, my mother-in-law is one of the best cooks I have ever known. This is when everything started for me… recipe books & magazines were starting to become my best friends.

Getting a little more comfortable with cooking, I challenged myself in the baking “department” & I quickly fell in love with it!

I wanted to enroll myself in culinary school but I found out that it costs so much that it actually scared me & put my hopes aside.

Forget culinary school… I started to self-teach. I might not have the proper techniques to do everything but so far my way is working well :).

I am a perfectionist, so everything I make needs to be perfect as well in order to make myself happy 🙂

About Chloe’s Mini Bites

I chose to use the name CHLOE, which happens to be my adorable little daughter’s name & MINI BITES as I actually LOVE making mini, bite-size desserts. They are cute and mess-free! You don’t even need plates or forks… less dishes are always a good thing 😉

I got lots of compliments about my finished products, so, with lots of encouragement from my family and friends… I finally decided to make this blog happen to show some of the desserts that I have made along the years. (Big thanks to my brother for his help on this because without him, there would be no blog)

I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I enjoy baking!


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One Response to “About”

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    […] appetizers from Whole Foods Market (West Vancouver) and COBS Bread, delicious sweet treats from Chloe’s Mini Bites, bottomless non-alcoholic beverages, make-up and/or skincare demos by industry experts, swag bags […]

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